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13 container plants to make attractive and aesthetic

 13 container plants to make your space  👉  Pinterest 👉  Facebook If you're faced with limited space, poor soil quality, or a desire to add beauty to your front porch, container gardens offer a great solution. They allow you to elevate your landscape and work around common gardening difficulties. Although many plants can be grown in containers, some species are better suited to this particular growing environment. Below, we'll highlight the best plants that not only thrive in containers, but also contribute to the aesthetics of your outdoor landscape. 1. Coleus Coleus plants are known for their vibrant foliage in a variety of colors and patterns. They thrive in partial shade and are relatively low maintenance. Coleus is perfect for containers because of its compact size and colorful foliage, which is why it's a great choice for adding visual interest to patios and balconies. 2. Succulent Succulents have thick, fleshy leaves that store water, are drought tolerant and easy