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Top 5 Tips for Growing Tomatoes Indoors

Growing Tomatoes Indoors Fresh tomatoes year-round? It is possible! We asked a tomato expert for tips on successfully growing tomatoes indoors, no matter how much space you have. You don't need a backyard garden or a hot and sunny climate to grow delicious tomatoes. To find tips on growing tomatoes indoors, we turned to a tomato expert. Craig LeHoullier (known as the Johnny Appleseed of tomatoes for owning and sharing nearly 5,000 tomato seed varieties) is a gardener, educator, and author of "Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Greatest Varieties of All Time." He gave me the inside scoop. If you're lucky and persistent, you can grow and eat tomatoes 12 months a year! Tip 1: Choose the best tomato variety to grow indoors First, you can grow tomatoes indoors! But you need to understand what tomato plants need to bear fruit, and it's not just the vines that spin. Choosing the right tomatoes is key to success. For example, Cherokee purple tomatoes c